Beautifully Obscene: The History of the Erotic Print – Call for Funding

Beautifully Obscene posterStudio 3 Gallery presents Beautifully Obscene: The History of the Erotic Print, 15th May – 12th June 2015.

The exhibition aims to cover a range of artists, technical and thematic approaches spanning over the course of 500 years. The principal aim is to study the aesthetics of the human form and sexuality in order to challenge the ingrained preconceptions against erotic art and to emphasise that the beautiful can, in fact, be found in the obscene.

Studio 3 Gallery is located on the Canterbury campus of the University of Kent. Beautifully Obscene is being curated by a group of students as part of a module for the History and Philosophy of Art BA degree programme. Previous student exhibitions included Two-Faced Fame and UNDEREXPOSED. We have been assigned a budget and given free reign over the gallery space. The project is making good progress, however, with more funds we will be able to add even more to this exciting and unique exhibition.

We are aiming to raise £500 to add to the exhibition budget. As we are a student-run project, funds are limited so any extra money raised will be put towards exhibition costs and to enhance the exhibition as a whole.

Money raised will go towards running cost of the exhibition such as framing, our catalogues, posters, invites and more.

Most excitingly, money raised will allow us to purchase prints for our exhibition, which will be added to the universities print collection. The Kent Print Collection allows students to learn about prints through directly studying them. We aim to purchase a series of Shunga prints. These will be the first Japanese prints in the collection.

To donate, please refer to our GoFundMe page:

To see exciting update of the exhibition, please ‘like’ our Facebook page –

Thank you and we hope to see you at the exhibition!


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