Ship Portraits Cataloguing Project – National Maritime Museum


Research and Cataloguing

Digitisation is the future and the National Maritime Museum needed assistance cataloguing their large collections of ship portraits.

Such a task required a meticulous and accurate approach to data entry, conservation, research, and problem-solving.

Greeted with a cabinet of boxes arranged alphabetically according to the names of ships, the task of importing typewritten object files on to the collections management system Mimsy XG seemed simple enough. However, one must never judge a book by its cover.

Common problems included duplicate files for identical objects; conflicting or outdated information; non-existent digital records for untraceable objects; and incorrect digital assets attached to objects.

Encompassing thousands of paintings, prints, and drawings, I imported and updated over 400 objects alone within my team. These can now be reliably accessed by the public and researchers via the museum’s online collections portal.

Project Title:

Ship Portraits Cataloguing Project


National Maritime Museum

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