Reviews and Highlights | 2018

‘[…] I got to understand the complexity and skill of the design process and how Anni’s experiments were truly innovative, stretching the limits of ordinary techniques and inspiring generations. Many examples show her showing off with the occasional thread to spice up her designs, creating stars, twists and turns. There are also interplays of differing thread thicknesses, each as mesmerising and entertaining as the colours, shapes, and materials.’

Review – Anni Albers

Tate Modern

Anni Albers

‘The loans are commendable, the hang is attractive, the reunited Perseus paintings a brilliant treat, and the Briar Rose paintings (2nd version) a dream to behold in their little room.’

Review – Edward Burne-Jones

Royal Academy of Arts

Renzo Piano

‘The exhibition gives a great introduction to the customs and ways of life of people from the Pacific Islands. What has historically been delegated the term ‘primitive art’ is brought to life with knowledge of their functions and stories of deities.’

Review – Oceania

Royal Academy of Arts


Dulwich Picture Gallery

Ribera: Art of Violence

National Gallery

Lorenzo Lotto Portraits

National Gallery

Courtauld Impressionists

‘Both artists’ paintings are so rich with detail that one cannot help but spend countless minutes staring at each and every one. Their drawings (and occasional engravings) are equally meticulous and analytical, even emotional…’

Review – Mantegna and Bellini

National Gallery

Mantegna and Bellini

Reunited panels

Personal reflections on drawings: Part 1 | Part 2

Two drawings of the Pieta

Victoria & Albert Museum

Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt

Arts Theatre, West End

SIX: The Musical

‘Always concerned with the effect of human progress on the natural world, Cole’s paintings still resonate a timeless and relevant message from nearly 200 years ago.’

Review – Thomas Cole: Eden to Empire

National Gallery

Thomas Cole: Eden to Empire

Royal Academy of Arts

The Great Spectacle

Victoria & Albert Museum

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

Victoria & Albert Museum

Ocean Liners: Speed and Style

Albertina Museum, Vienna


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