Exemplars of Craftsmanship – 18 Davies Street Gallery



For the gallery’s participation at London Design Festival 2018, I curated a selection of modern and contemporary designer works emphasising their creators’ approach to materials and craftsmanship.

18 Davies Street Gallery had a strong representation of works by French and Scandinavian designers, as well as key examples from Japanese and German designers. In order to fully showcase the gallery’s variety whilst offering an engaging rationale, the exploration of materials felt appropriate, accessible, and ultimately fascinating as a thematic presentation.

Exhibited on two floors, the exhibition dealt with contrasting themes: hand-carved wood vs cast metals; clean, minimalist forms vs jagged edges and curls; traditional methods vs modern techniques; conventional design vs radical experimentation.

My research brought me closer to understanding the history of materials like wood, bronze, and steel. In addition to refining my prior knowledge of bronze-casting methods, I was completely entranced when learning about different types of wood joinery in the works of George Nakashima.

Read more about the exhibition below.

Project Title:

Exemplars of Craftsmanship


18 Davies Street Gallery, as part of London Design Festival

Project Duration:

3 Months



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