Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits – Royal Museums Greenwich


Audio-visual interactive displays

In 2021 (delayed due to COVID-19), the National Maritime Museum hosted Tudors to Windsors, an exhibition of British Royal portraits featuring over 150 works from the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Museums Greenwich, and private collections.

With my expertise in art history and research, I was brought in to provide interpretative texts for their audio-visual interactives.

Consisting of 50-word descriptions, my contributions explored Tudor symbolism in portraits of Elizabeth I, commemorative Stuart medallions, and satire in Georgian caricatures of monarchs. I was also responsible for sourcing images and their copyrights.

For two of these sections, I also provided five further features of note for the artworks, each accompanied by 30-word captions.

In the exhibition, the captions were turned into interactive touchscreens that visitors could tap for more information, expanding the initial scope of the exhibition’s narrative.

For more information about the exhibition, read my review.

Project Title:

Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits


National Portrait Gallery, in partnership with Royal Museums Greenwich

Project Duration:

2 Months


Exhibitions Research Assistant

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