REVIEW | Hallyu! The Korean Wave – Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Hallyu! The Korean Wave at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, is an exhibition that tries to cover too much ground with too little material. The show admirably attempts to illustrate the two waves of modernisation in South Korea following the Korean War in just eight sections split across three rooms, touching on the country’sContinue reading “REVIEW | Hallyu! The Korean Wave – Victoria and Albert Museum, London”

3-2-C: Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The V&A is known for many things: full-sized casts of Michelangelo’s David (1501-4) and Trajan’s Column, the Raphael’s tapestry cartoons, the ‘Green’ Dining Room designed by William Morris, the Indian barrel organ called Tippoo’s Tiger (1793), Matthew Cotes Wyatt’s sculpture of the dog Bashaw, the Faithful Friend of Man (1832-34), Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s The DayContinue reading “3-2-C: Victoria and Albert Museum, London”

East meets West – Chinese Painting at the V&A

Being inherently of Chinese origin, one might assume that I would have a certain attraction to the paintings of the East. In fact, my upbringing in Western society has actually steered me towards Western European art, leaving me almost ignorant to the understanding of a tradition of art that has become part of my heritageContinue reading “East meets West – Chinese Painting at the V&A”