THE BIG REVIEW | Raphael and his School: Drawing Connections – British Museum, London

For the next few months, there is a sweet little opportunity to sample the British Museum’s collection of drawings by Raphael and his workshop, including Giulio Romano, Giovanni Francesco Penni, Giovanni da Udine, Perino del Vaga, and Polidoro da Caravaggio. On the Raphael side, a thematic highlight of this display is their collection of hisContinue reading “THE BIG REVIEW | Raphael and his School: Drawing Connections – British Museum, London”

THE BIG REVIEW | Raphael – National Gallery, London

For a concise review of The Credit Suisse Exhibition: RAPHAEL, please click here. The Early Umbrian Years⁠ Opening the National Gallery show is an elusive, faintly drawn portrait of a young boy whose features are generally believed to be that of a 15/16-year-old Raphael (British Museum, London). His eyes show an ambition and determination thatContinue reading “THE BIG REVIEW | Raphael – National Gallery, London”

REVIEW | Raphael – National Gallery, London

The Credit Suisse Exhibition: RAPHAEL at the National Gallery, London, is not your typical survey of the artist’s works. Instead, it is a silver sampling dish featuring every aspect of Raphael’s artistic personality.⁠ Consisting of a rigorously selected portion of autograph works, the exhibition succeeds in balancing some of the highlights of his career withContinue reading “REVIEW | Raphael – National Gallery, London”