Louvre Abu Dhabi – a new collection awaits

The art world is about to get a little bit more exciting as the Louvre opens the doors to a new museum in Abu Dhabi in December 2015. The Louvre Abu Dhabi seeks to be a universal museum, embracing cross-cultural similarities instead of differences with its newly-bought collection. The Musée du Louvre’s Louvre Abu Dhabi:Continue reading “Louvre Abu Dhabi – a new collection awaits”

Venice Biennale 2013 – Part 1: The Giardini

Taking Marino Auriti’s Encyclopedic Palace as its theme and title, this year’s Venice Biennale presents us with 88 national participations in 76 pavilions scattered throughout the ‘Floating City’, including several new participations like the Holy See. This Encyclopedic Palace – a model of which can be seen in the Arsenale – is an imaginary 136-storyContinue reading “Venice Biennale 2013 – Part 1: The Giardini”

Souzou – a kind of Surrealism…or maybe not.

I remember the last time I went to Euston was to catch a train for a 5 hour journey to Aberystwyth, Wales. Last week, I went there to visit a gallery I had never heard of until a month ago for their latest exhibition. The Wellcome Collection’s Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan features the creativeContinue reading “Souzou – a kind of Surrealism…or maybe not.”

Ice Age art – exactly how ‘modern’ was a 40,000 year old mind?

Before you enter this exhibition, you must be aware that the title is Ice Age art: arrival of the modern mind. The objects we see are not meant to be critiqued in our usual sense of the term ‘art’. Instead, we are to see them as merely the results of a developing mindset. It isContinue reading “Ice Age art – exactly how ‘modern’ was a 40,000 year old mind?”

Don’t step into the light!

Aside from the London Eye which is relatively close by, the Hayward Gallery has been attracting quite a lot of attention to its Light Show exhibition…and there’s a very good reason why it’s named a light ‘show’ rather than ‘exhibition’.