2 Weeks in Paris – Day 7: Mona Lisa

Saturday 21st June: The first day away from seminars and the freedom to do whatever we want in this wonderful city – how about an early morning? Early morning queue into the Louvre.

“Looks like country music has found a new home” – Country to Country Festival 2014

Country music. A genre that has constantly been overwhelmed with the stereotype of outlandish cowboys, horses and redneck women ever since their popularisation in Western cinema. Sadly, this view still remains within the majority of the British public. In an extraordinary attempt to break this stigma, the O2 arena in London has dedicated a two-dayContinue reading ““Looks like country music has found a new home” – Country to Country Festival 2014”

“Stupid, stupid good!” – CMA Songwriters Series 2014, London

Preceding the main spectacle during Country to Country (C2C) weekend was a lovely little gem of a concert. Hosted by songwriter Bob DiPiero, the 10th anniversary of the CMA Songwriters Series was brought to the Indigo2 stage for the 3rd year in a row. With acoustic guitars as the only accompaniment, the concert gave fansContinue reading ““Stupid, stupid good!” – CMA Songwriters Series 2014, London”

Vermeer and the role of music

I assume many of us are familiar with Johannes Vermeer’s painterly masterpiece entitled Girl with a Pearl Earring (c. 1665), on display at the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshius in The Hague, the Netherlands. Well, unfortunately, the National Gallery’s latest exhibition doesn’t have anything to do with this painting, but it draws on a theme thatContinue reading “Vermeer and the role of music”