Deloitte Ignite 14 – Myth comes to the Royal Opera House

Over the weekend the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden launched its annual contemporary arts festival Deloitte Ignite, now in its seventh year, with a series of free public events. The month-long festival (5th-28th September 2014) brings together dance and the visual arts, leading to a collaboration between the Royal Ballet and the National Gallery’sContinue reading “Deloitte Ignite 14 – Myth comes to the Royal Opera House”

A stimulator of the human soul – 512 Hours of Marina Abramović

It has been roughly 3 hours since I left Marina Abramović’s 512 Hours show at the Serpentine Gallery in London and I am still out of breath. The experience was incredibly surreal and everyone will have varying responses, evidenced by the exhibition’s Participant Chronicles on Tumblr. I went with a friend from university, Maria, andContinue reading “A stimulator of the human soul – 512 Hours of Marina Abramović”

The Shires build Nashville in London!

I recently attended a concert at the Water Rats in London headlined by UK country-duo The Shires. This was the penultimate leg of their UK tour. Supporting them on tour was Jersey-based Frankie Davies. To my surprise, Gary Quinn from Ireland was also performing at that particular concert. It was fun-filled night of promoting British countryContinue reading “The Shires build Nashville in London!”

Looking at architecture in a new light – Building the Picture at the National Gallery

Dear readers. How often do you look carefully at the buildings portrayed in paintings? How many times have you focused on the painted surroundings more than the figures in the image? For the majority of you, “very little” is likely to be your response. Building the Picture attempts to reverse this, forcing us to lookContinue reading “Looking at architecture in a new light – Building the Picture at the National Gallery”

Philosophising ‘painting’ – TAINT at GRAD

What is ‘painting’? A general dictionary definition of the term might be along the lines of “a process of applying paint to a surface for artistic effect”. In the world of contemporary art, this term has gained a significant amount of leeway, substituting paint for alternative media. The GRAD: Gallery for Russian Arts and DesignContinue reading “Philosophising ‘painting’ – TAINT at GRAD”

A Sunflower reunion

Drawing many a crowd to one of London’s busiest squares, two world-famous paintings by none other than the Dutch Impressionist Vincent van Gogh have been reunited in Room 46 of the National Gallery for the first time in 65 years. The reunion was made possible by the friendship between the National Gallery and the VanContinue reading “A Sunflower reunion”

“This is not painting, it is magic that casts a spell on people who see it” – Veronese at the National Gallery

If there was only one word to describe the works in this exhibition, it would be this: big. The National Gallery’s Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice brings together 50 paintings by the wonderful Paolo Veronese in the UK’s first ever monographic exhibition of the artist. And boy, did they do an impressive job! Unfaithfulness andContinue reading ““This is not painting, it is magic that casts a spell on people who see it” – Veronese at the National Gallery”

Wonderful fun at Sensing Spaces

Architecture isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, and neither is installation art. Personally, reading about architecture bores me – there’s just something about not being in the architecture itself that irritates me. The inability to feel the space described. And this is exactly what Sensing Spaces is about: feeling. Li Xiaodong’s timber forest. Own photograph.

“Looks like country music has found a new home” – Country to Country Festival 2014

Country music. A genre that has constantly been overwhelmed with the stereotype of outlandish cowboys, horses and redneck women ever since their popularisation in Western cinema. Sadly, this view still remains within the majority of the British public. In an extraordinary attempt to break this stigma, the O2 arena in London has dedicated a two-dayContinue reading ““Looks like country music has found a new home” – Country to Country Festival 2014”

“Stupid, stupid good!” – CMA Songwriters Series 2014, London

Preceding the main spectacle during Country to Country (C2C) weekend was a lovely little gem of a concert. Hosted by songwriter Bob DiPiero, the 10th anniversary of the CMA Songwriters Series was brought to the Indigo2 stage for the 3rd year in a row. With acoustic guitars as the only accompaniment, the concert gave fansContinue reading ““Stupid, stupid good!” – CMA Songwriters Series 2014, London”