Man of Steel – a slight…’fly’ problem

No, I am not referring to his newly-designed leotard that disguises itself rather nicely as his superhero suit – he finally learnt to wear his bright red underwear underneath. Nor am I referring to any problems with his actual flying – which basically starts off as a really good force-jump. There’s certainly no accidental cleavageContinue reading “Man of Steel – a slight…’fly’ problem”

Before Midnight – the perfect conclusion

Image via Celine: You’re going to miss that plane. Jesse: I know.

Something different: Iron Man 3 review

Ok, slightly unconventional based on the reviews I usually do, but I thought “What the hell? Let’s give a film review a try!” So here goes! Note: I only recently joined the Iron Man hype, so don’t kill me if I say anything wrong. Seriously, I watched the first film for the first time aboutContinue reading “Something different: Iron Man 3 review”