REVIEW | Carolee Schneemann: Body Politics – Barbican Centre, London

Carolee Schneemann: Body Politics at the Barbican Centre, London, is an inquisitive survey of one of the 20th century’s most intriguing feminist artists. And I honestly mean ‘feminist’ in the truest sense of the term, because she really does attempt to evenly balance the scales of male and female representation and power, while exploring theContinue reading “REVIEW | Carolee Schneemann: Body Politics – Barbican Centre, London”

2 Weeks in Paris – Day 6: Animals

This day was perhaps the most intense – and certainly most enjoyable – seminar of the week. Having had a relaxing walk towards Reid Hall with a leftover ham and cheese baguette and stopping briefly at Patisserie Boulangerie for an espresso, myself and everyone else were plunged into deep discussion about revolutionary animals by ProfessorContinue reading “2 Weeks in Paris – Day 6: Animals”

2 Weeks in Paris – Day 3: Nobility

The Sorbonne. This fascinating domed structure used to house the former University of Paris. Nowadays, it is the home of the Panthéon-Sorbonne University, one of 13 different universities that succeeded the University of Paris in 1970. And it was here, in the Place de la Sorbonne, where my day began. Breakfast at Les Patios, PlaceContinue reading “2 Weeks in Paris – Day 3: Nobility”