THE BIG REVIEW | Artemisia – National Gallery, London

Despite enduring two national lockdowns, Artemisia at the National Gallery, London, remains an exemplary introduction to the life and career of everyone’s favourite badass woman artist. Practically all of her best-known works are exhibited, from the early Pommersfelden Susannah and the Elders to the Naples and Florence versions of Judith beheading Holofernes, as well asContinue reading “THE BIG REVIEW | Artemisia – National Gallery, London”

REVIEW | Carolee Schneemann: Body Politics – Barbican Centre, London

Carolee Schneemann: Body Politics at the Barbican Centre, London, is an inquisitive survey of one of the 20th century’s most intriguing feminist artists. And I honestly mean ‘feminist’ in the truest sense of the term, because she really does attempt to evenly balance the scales of male and female representation and power, while exploring theContinue reading “REVIEW | Carolee Schneemann: Body Politics – Barbican Centre, London”

UNDEREXPOSED – a tribute to female artists

A version of this article also appears on the Studio 3 Gallery blog. In the space of ten seconds, how many female artists can you think of? Now repeat the same exercise but with male artists… Off the top of my head I counted four female artists – Artemisia Gentileschi, Barbara Hepworth, Marina Abramović andContinue reading “UNDEREXPOSED – a tribute to female artists”