Deloitte Ignite 14 – Myth comes to the Royal Opera House

Over the weekend the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden launched its annual contemporary arts festival Deloitte Ignite, now in its seventh year, with a series of free public events. The month-long festival (5th-28th September 2014) brings together dance and the visual arts, leading to a collaboration between the Royal Ballet and the National Gallery’sContinue reading “Deloitte Ignite 14 – Myth comes to the Royal Opera House”

Souzou – a kind of Surrealism…or maybe not.

I remember the last time I went to Euston was to catch a train for a 5 hour journey to Aberystwyth, Wales. Last week, I went there to visit a gallery I had never heard of until a month ago for their latest exhibition. The Wellcome Collection’s Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan features the creativeContinue reading “Souzou – a kind of Surrealism…or maybe not.”

Ice Age art – exactly how ‘modern’ was a 40,000 year old mind?

Before you enter this exhibition, you must be aware that the title is Ice Age art: arrival of the modern mind. The objects we see are not meant to be critiqued in our usual sense of the term ‘art’. Instead, we are to see them as merely the results of a developing mindset. It isContinue reading “Ice Age art – exactly how ‘modern’ was a 40,000 year old mind?”