The Shires build Nashville in London!

I recently attended a concert at the Water Rats in London headlined by UK country-duo The Shires. This was the penultimate leg of their UK tour. Supporting them on tour was Jersey-based Frankie Davies. To my surprise, Gary Quinn from Ireland was also performing at that particular concert. It was fun-filled night of promoting British countryContinue reading “The Shires build Nashville in London!”

The Time of the Doctor – Nostalgia and the 12th Doctor

It’s that time of the year again when the Doctor tries to save the world on Christmas Day, and for once it’s not in England! However, this year we are much more excited about Peter Capaldi’s entry as the anticipated 12th Doctor, which means another regeneration scene and a farewell to Matt Smith. “And nowContinue reading “The Time of the Doctor – Nostalgia and the 12th Doctor”

‘England’s Michelangelo’ comes to Canterbury!

To coincide with the Studio 3 Gallery’s Alfred Drury exhibition, the Beaney Art Museum in Canterbury – also a finalist for the Art Fund Museum of the Year award in 2013 – has set up a small exhibition on yet another Alfred: that of Alfred Stevens. Dubbed ‘England’s Michelangelo’ this one room display features theContinue reading “‘England’s Michelangelo’ comes to Canterbury!”

An invigilator’s view: Alfred Drury and the New Sculpture

The first visitor of the day walks in through the heavy grey doors, a large rucksack on his shoulders. He gives a brief nod and a smile to the invigilator, a student at the university. The visitor peruses the gallery space, first skim-reading the introductory plaque, then moving onto Alfred Drury’s Portrait of Price EdwardsContinue reading “An invigilator’s view: Alfred Drury and the New Sculpture”