The Time of the Doctor – Nostalgia and the 12th Doctor

It’s that time of the year again when the Doctor tries to save the world on Christmas Day, and for once it’s not in England! However, this year we are much more excited about Peter Capaldi’s entry as the anticipated 12th Doctor, which means another regeneration scene and a farewell to Matt Smith. “And nowContinue reading “The Time of the Doctor – Nostalgia and the 12th Doctor”

Man of Steel – a slight…’fly’ problem

No, I am not referring to his newly-designed leotard that disguises itself rather nicely as his superhero suit – he finally learnt to wear his bright red underwear underneath. Nor am I referring to any problems with his actual flying – which basically starts off as a really good force-jump. There’s certainly no accidental cleavageContinue reading “Man of Steel – a slight…’fly’ problem”

Before Midnight – the perfect conclusion

Image via Celine: You’re going to miss that plane. Jesse: I know.

Something different: Iron Man 3 review

Ok, slightly unconventional based on the reviews I usually do, but I thought “What the hell? Let’s give a film review a try!” So here goes! Note: I only recently joined the Iron Man hype, so don’t kill me if I say anything wrong. Seriously, I watched the first film for the first time aboutContinue reading “Something different: Iron Man 3 review”