Flâneur of the Arts: Behind the Title

The title Flâneur of the Arts addresses three main things that are very meaningful to me, interlinked in a triadic relationship:

Flâneurie (or flânerie)

A flâneur is usually referred to as “an observer of urban society accompanied by the act of walking or strolling”. This is usually my approach to travelling. I explore cities with my feet and rarely use public transport unless covering very long distances or making appointments. I take walks anywhere and any time, often without a destination in mind. I like to be spontaneous and get lost in the magic of a city, to feel and walk through its streets and squares, and to overwhelm my eyes with visual wonders. I like to immerse myself in its culture, indulging in its cuisine and eavesdropping on local conversation.

The arts

This is a passion I will never be separated from. My eyes are my strengths, with my ears and taste buds coming in a close second and third. I attend exhibitions regularly and am drawn to images of every kind. My tastes in music are wide-ranging but my devotion lies in country music. I love a well-produced film and have an even greater appreciation for theatre productions varying from Shakespeare to contemporary ballet.


As an individual with interests in personality psychology and social dynamics, I love to observe people. Perhaps this is why I’m particularly drawn to flâneurie which allows me to observe various types of people in a single walk. But I also like to observe people’s reactions, including their reactions to seeing art. Art has a strange way of affecting one’s mood through its use of colour and often associative content. It speaks differently to various individuals, and it is certainly the way one’s expression changes from artwork to artwork that appeals to me.

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